Mush’s Book

Mush’s first book, Dhinchak Life, was published in April 2012 and is available through AmazonAuthor HouseBarnes & Noble and over 20 other online retail stores. A Kindle version is also available on Amazon.

Dhinchak Life also had a successful launch at Dymocks, one of Hong Kong’s leading book stores, in November 2012. Read the story here.

A free preview of the Introduction

Who is Mush?

A poor kid who had to start working at the age of 15, right after finishing secondary education from a charity school in Karachi. He started without any education, money, or a proper house to live in. All he had were dreams, and love for a girl who was only 13 – both of which gave him hope for life and an immense power to change it.

By the age of 25, Mush had educated himself, was heading the most successful direct sales organization in the country, had married the woman of his dreams, had two of his four kids, and was living a life of comfort. Fast-forward to today (2012)… Mush is 47 years; has established himself as an authority on direct sales in Asia; has positively influenced the lives of thousands of people in the industry as a sales trainer and motivational speaker; is heading the sales and marketing of an international publishing company based in Hong Kong; has traveled the world; has celebrated a silver jubilee anniversary with the love of his life; has helped raise four wonderful kids; is living an extremely happy, productive and fulfilled life; and has just got his first book published!

The wonderful journey of these 32 years is not what this book is about.

What this book is about

During the 30 years, Mush has spent a lot of time reading self-help books, listening and watching motivational programs, learning from successful people, trying and testing hundreds of ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. He has shared many of these ideas during his sales training and motivational programs with thousands of people across Asia. And he heard from hundreds of people: “You must write a book!”

Mush started a blog instead, and wrote over 200 articles in two years. He wrote about happiness, health, productivity, relationships and motivation. Some of these were excerpts from his favorite books or blogs, and quotes that inspired him. What you see in this book is a collection of the most popular posts from the blog:

The ideas presented in this book can help you:

  • Become happier, regardless of who you are and what you have
  • Get healthier, fitter and have more energy to enjoy life fully
  • Increase your productivity so you always have time to do what really matters
  • Enhance your relationships with those you love, and even those you don’t
  • Motivate yourself to achieve your goals, no matter how small or big they are

In short, this book is about living life fully and well. Each piece in the book is independent and complete on its own, so you can read it from the beginning, end or anywhere in the middle. And when you have finished reading it, please pass it along to a friend – that is, if you are reading a hard copy.

The meaning of “Dhinchak”

Every language has a word that represents positive thoughts and emotions about a person, place or a situation. People who choose to see the good in everything love these words. People who find faults with most things rarely use these words. In English, the words are ‘wow’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘awesome’. In Chinese, it’s ‘ding kua kua’ (dynamite). In Arabic, it’s ‘azeem’ (great). In Indonesian, it’s ‘luar biasa’ (extra-ordinary). In Urdu, it’s ‘zabardast’. And in Hindi slang, it’s ‘dhinchak’.

What they say about Mush

These are not celebrities or authors, but ordinary people who have been extra-ordinarily successful in their lives. And they have known Mush for a long time.

“I first met Mush in 1989 when he came to see me to ask for the Time Life distributorship in Pakistan. He got it, and in the years since I have had the privilege of working with one of the most consistently positive, energetic, disciplined and determined individuals I am ever likely to meet. To watch him in action was to learn about goal orientation, single-mindedness and success in direct sales. It is great that he has written down in the pages of this book some of the principles and experiences that contributed to his outstanding success. Good luck Mush!” –Trevor Lunn, Managing Director of Time Life Asia (retired), Academia at Deakin University Australia specializing in Psychology and Nutrition

“Mush has a command of language, nuance and is able to keep his message delightfully simple. At a fast but comfortable pace Mush takes you through all the steps to lead a happy and productive life.  His heart is on every page as he shares his own history and experience, giving you his take on how to be that successful person you want to be. I’ve read a number of self-help, inspirational books and this is the best. Thousands, maybe millions, will be helped by this wonderful book to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.” –Lewis Edwards, Founder and Chairman of A Better Chance Foundation – a non-profit charitable institution that assists the poorest of the poor in the Philippines attain quality education

“I remember Mush with great fondness and will not forget the young boy with a smile on his face and determination in his heart when I first came across him in the university. As his teacher, I welcomed his comments and optimism and how he looked at life. Since then he has moved rapidly to make a niche for himself and is doing fantastically. Needless to say, I take vicarious pride and pleasure in his achievements and know that he will keep moving forward, bringing sunshine in our lives. Well done Mush!” –Professor Sima Zaman Jalil, Associated Professor (retired) of English and Business Communication at NED University and English Instructor on KTN TV Channel for AKU EB in Pakistan

“After a lifetime in the direct sales industry, I can say that the most hard-working, effective, and inspirational person I had the privilege to meet and work with was Mush Panjwani. For him to distill his experience for the benefit of others through his blog and book is an example of his selfless dedication to the success of all those he comes in contact with. Thank you, Mush!” –Rick Harding, Founder and Managing Director of A Better Chance P/L – one of Australia’s leading direct sales companies

“It is only obvious that Dhinchak Mush has compiled Dhinchak Life… the only other book that could have been as inspiring and useful would have been his own autobiography! Very few in this world live by the wisdom they profess. Mush has not only lived by, he has motivated many more to live larger, better lives. Thankfully, through the book he will reach and make many more lives Dhinchak!” –Charushilla Narula, Independent Literary & Education Consultant and Head of Admissions at the Indian School of Business & Finance – an Affiliate Centre of the University of London in New Delhi, India

“I am fortunate to have known Mush for over 18 years, and have heard many of his talks. What makes him unique is that he practices everything that he preaches, and he never stops learning and evolving. I have tried to live by these simple principles and am a far happier person. I have seen him inspire and change the lives of many individuals, so I am thrilled to seem him put his ideas together in a book. I am sure anyone who is lucky enough to read it, will get equally inspired.” –Ketaki Shankar, Sales Manager and proud mom of two teenage boys, UK

“The Most Unassuming yet Skillful Human being I have ever met. That’s MUSH – my mentor, trainer and a great friend. His success in life is phenomenal. If you have not been touched by his golden words in person, his book Dhinchak is a must read. His words, his positivity, his attitude and his self-discipline will definitely make an impact on your life. Happy Reading!” –Sadaf Shah, Founder and General Secretary of RESCUE Pakistan – a non-profit organization that helps the underprivileged children and elderly


Thanks to Salma, my wife, my best friend, companion and the biggest inspiration in my life,

A.K. Khatri, my school principal, who arranged special scholarships so I could continue education,

Professor Sima Jalil, one of the few people who supported my decision to quit university and pursue my dreams,

Ali Abedi, my first mentor, who taught me to think big,

Trevor Lunn, who showed me the way, and was always the role model I needed,

Altaf Rehmani, who encouraged me to start sharing my ideas through a blog, and helped set it up,

Charushilla Narulla, who believed my work needs spreading; edited and organized my blog posts into a manuscript; researched and identified the publisher… without her support, this book would have been just a dream,

Suraj Sajnani, one of my newest friends who volunteered to do a professional job of editing, formatting, and layout of the book, with an impressive attention to detail.

Sara Mush, one of my four brilliant kids who designed the book cover, kept this project on track and is a constant source of cheer,

The many readers of my blog who provided encouragement and support through comments and emails,

And the hundreds of wonderful people who have touched my life positively through their wisdom, inspiration and kindness… Rick, Shad, Jamal, Zishan, Lax, Indra, Anu, Robert, Prabah, Irene, Lew, Chito, Jiffry, Rommanee, Thomas… just to name a few.


I look forward to your comments. Also check out my other ebook which is free to download.

68 thoughts on “Mush’s Book

  1. Congratulations! Incredibly impressive and thank you for the chance of reading the sneak preview! time to start working on the series…


  2. Salaams mush 🙂 I’m totally hooked and will certainly be purchasing your book but I want a signed copy;)…also wanted to say that I had tr fortunate opportunity of working with you and i don’t know wether I ever thanked you for it…and also tell you that when i heard your life story and had the pleasure of knowing you and your
    Amazing family….it sure inspired me too…:) wishing you all the best of success in eveything thing that you do ….love and Duas 🙂


    • Thanks, Faiza. So good to hear from you! I’ll surely give you a signed copy the next time you are in Hong Kong. If that’s not happening soon, then order one right away 🙂


  3. Well, I am looking forward to reading something gr8. To be honest, so far somehow I have managed to stay away from the Inspirational books/CDs, like Toni Robinson and some Kayosaki. I know there’s nothing wrong with them and they helped many a great deal, but they never really uplifted me. After reading and lestening to them, I remained at the same – uplifted level. Although I am always a happy go lucky guy, have positive attitude, fun loving and crazy about fitness (with 2-3 times of Tennis, exercise almost daily and healthy food), I know for a fact Mush’s book will further uplift me to a Dhinchak level.


  4. Congratulations!! You just proved to the world,what you preach:) proud to be associated with you. Waiting to get my hands on the book.


  5. This is a simply superb Mush…Dhinchak Life! is going to be my gift to share on Diwali with all my family and friends 🙂 …let me know if there is a simpler way to process bulk orders. I am so glad that I was able to make a small contribution to this happiness-spreading project !!


  6. congratulations!! 😀 this is so amazing mush! best of luck for the future! and i want a signed copy from you! can’t wait to read this book!


  7. Congrats Mush, that’s truely outstanding for you to publish your first book.It must have felt good and I am sure there will be many more to come because the first book to publish is always the toughtest. Keep up the great positive spirit you always carry with you and all the best to your furture undertakings.I will get your book for sure.


  8. nice and found it very encouraging!!indeed served as a source of inspiration to write about my own book.thanks


  9. My comments are based on the “About Mush ” only . Excellent attempt . I know and also a witness to your struggle , for achieving this position. Mush to become some successful person merely hard work. Struggle , and dedication alone isn’t sufficient ,but luck and fortune are indeed instrumental . My experience says.
    Well done you have become the first English author of our community.


  10. Hi Mush, have been hearing so much about you from Ketaki that I almost feel that I know you. Was waiting to get my hands on your book and once it arrived, it was difficult to put it down. It gave me an insight to the kind of person you are, genuine, simple and down to earth. It was a very interesting compilation of the simple truths of life. It has a good flow and the best part is like you rightly said, one can open any page and it is sure to have an impact on some aspect of your life. Look forward to meeting you soon and wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

    Warm regards, Shankar.


  11. I usually read a book when I am feeling fresh and relaxed so I can concentrate more; however with ‘Dhinchak Life’ I found myself wanting to read it when I am not feeling so good and Voila! I am instantly re-charged, re-energized and re-freshed with positives thoughts in my mind. Thank you for giving us such great inspiration.


  12. Oh brother Mush congratulations 4 ur book which i hpoe to read it soon,yes ur life deserves to be written 4 many poeple to learn about a real person sees life as Dinchak,he was always looking to the bright side leaving the dark one for the looser.Congratulations again and i hope to meet u n ur wonderful family one day.


  13. Dhinchak Life! The title itself speaks of so many exciting things. You have done an excellent job at keeping the content so basic and simple yet SO POWERFUL. Isnt that what life is all about. This book of 100+ pages is a great example of “best things come in little packages”. Thank you for sharing your learnings and wisdom with us, and yes indeed we have been blessed to have the many things in life that get overlooked each day, including electricity and water!:) The use of “never” and “always” how rightly said, the great health tips shared, tips on romance, I can go on and on…

    KASH Events and Entertainment is proud to be working on the book launch of Dhinchak Life and to have cross paths with you and your beautiful family!


  14. I started reading bits and pieces of this book 2 weeks back, and I absolutely loved what I read. I finally decided to wake up one morning and read the book from start to finish, and I did within a few hours. It is an AMAZING book!!! It is a bible I will live by. So simple yet so profound!!

    The few topics that really got me thinking are:

    Responding vs. Reacting – if we would only able to respond instead of react to negative statements and comments bout ourselves we would be able to take critically feedback positively

    Listening with your eyes – sometimes its so crucial to listen with your eyes to show you genuinely care

    Virtuous until proven otherwise – teaches us not to prejudge how important a lesson

    Happy new day- if we can all live by this, we all are bound to live life to the fullest!

    So proud to be associated with the launch of my bible 🙂 Thank you for giving us this book!


  15. Most of us overlook the simple things that could make a huge impact in life.This masterpiece easily helps the reader to remember those simple things. Your perspective of life, which I am trying very hard to follow is truly amazing.
    My wife has read this masterpiece over 5 times.i am almost through it. Thanks for switching on the lights of simple living in me. Cheers.


  16. Congratulations on publishing this great book. It’s a very enjoyable read with lots of great tips on how to live a ‘dhincak life’!


  17. An idol in my life. Hats off to you bro!

    I have always seen a charming look and a smiling face, No matter how hard times or bad phase you’ve have been through.

    In short, A Dhinchak person’s “Dinchak Life”


  18. Congrats MUSH on your first book. I secured a hardcopy through Amazon, completed reading last month.

    Some of the key points/aspects I liked in the book..

    • Page 3 – Favorite prayer. I just loved it! @ “ Reinhold Niebuhr”
    • Page 9 – Traffic incident (what do you expect?) that was really funny & very sensible as well
    • Page 13 – Bullet point no. 1, 1st sentence is very much self-motivating.
    • Page 15 – Point No. 1 tip on avoiding negative people that really works.
    • Page 20- “Unwritten code of conduct” for happy marriage.. Again, an excellent tip for improving quality of personal life.
    • Page 25 – Concept of using “always and never”.. It always works :)
    • Page 27 – Listening with “EYES”. This is AWESOME, I often do this and the story helped me correcting this to a great extend!
    • Page 38. Let go off the past concept – really helps to move forward..
    • Page 39 – Single most powerful strategy for happy life..(Problem (v/s) Situation)
    • Page 40 – “HARA HACHI BU” – trying really hard to practice, little luck so far 😦 
    • Page 50 – Predicting failure = protecting yourself.. Very true, applies vice versa as well
    • Page 54 – Tips on reducing weight, though to follow, but I am practicing some now 
    • Page 58 & 59 – Tip No. 1 & 4 is amazing, that really brings the “go for the kill” self instinct
    • Page 60 & 61 – 4D Principles (read this many times in various articles & books, but you explained in a very concise manner..)
    • Page 69 – Bonus hour concept is excellent.. will help moving without disappointments
    • Page 94 – Simple steps mentioned in coffee with David episode is excellent
    • Page 98 & 99 -MY MOST FAVOURITE in the book is the Life lesson from “MOTHER & BABY GIRAFFE”. At times or often we have to bring the mother giraffe from within. A story that I will remember for the rest of my life.

    Thanks once again for this wonderful reading experience, looking forward to more from you & wishing you all the very best.


  19. Hi Mush,

    Just finished your book.
    Congratulations on this little masterpiece, I truly enjoyed it! It’s precise and short and contains so much practical wisdom and a spirit of happiness and cheerfulness for life, quite remarkable how you condensed it so tightly and such a charming way. I have already implemented tools and tricks from the mush lifestyle! You really make a difference! Thank you Mush!


  20. Hey mayne you are an inspiration to me! I will spark a blunt in your honor
    I had a chance to try the worlds tastiest and cheapest burger in Karachi and it was absolutely delicious
    One Love


  21. Thanks Mush for the amazing book! It is a ‘treasure’ and I believe this is a gift whether you want to take it or not. I am sure readers can benefit from this book, and apply some techniques to their daily life. Being truly happy seems like a challenge in such a fast pace city in HK, so it’s important for people to look for positive energy, we all have to look for it and this book can certainly help!


  22. What can I say when I can learn something new everyday? Try to read a chapter every night before you go to bed, it can remind you who do you choose to be tomorrow.

    I love this book and I will pass it to my friends, really inspirational!! Thanks Mush!


  23. Just finished reading the book and here’s my comment:

    If you want to give a positive twist to your life in just a matter of hours, then read this book and you won’t be disappointed.
    I’ve read myself quite a number of books on self-improvement, happiness and success, but they are usually heavy and not so easy to digest. This is a compact one, full of take-aways and easy to put in practice.
    It’s not asking you the achieve some mantra or employing complex meditation techniques, rather to take small and reasonable steps that can make a difference to your life.

    Enjoy your read


  24. Book Review
    I found this book very helpful even in areas of my life that are not directly related to my job, business and health. And this, i guess is because of the fact that it deals with the core or essence of human life and the ideas in this book can be applied to any facet of human existence. To my surprise, it significantly improved my relationships and my approach to religion.
    Yes! i have developed a kind of conviction ; the author practices what he is preaching.
    Dr Taqi Jamani


  25. Mush is a marvelous trainer rather mentor. my life was changed a lot in positive way after attendibg one of his traing progrm in Islamabad on 17.03.2016


  26. MashaAllah 1st of all congrats Mush ! I did not knew u wrote a book! Awsome!! Just to know we too can get that same positivity, energy and happiness from your book is making me so excited dont have words to tell! Im dying to read each and every word of ur book!! 😊👍🏻


  27. I’m really Inspired by the way you describe your work and experiences. I think that everyone should read this and get inspired by the fact that we can also be like Mush someday.Very proud of u Mush.. All the best ahead


  28. A good read! Reminds you of things we forget doing to live life at its fullest!! My favourite is 45 tips on marriage rekindled all the love and passion! Enjoy reading!!


  29. A good read!! Reminds you of so many things we forget doing to live life at the fullest! My favourite 45 tips on marriage, helps you rekindle the love and passion! Enjoy reading!!


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