5 Interesting Comments!

The number of comments are going up as the readership of this blog grows. I’d like to dedicate this post to thank all of you who take out the time not just to read my blog but also leave thoughtful comments. Even a simple ‘very nice!’ makes a difference. Here are few interesting comments from the last couple of weeks:

From Jamal (UAE) on Favorite Quotes on Dreams: Mush here are some of my favorites on dreams, though I don’t know from whom:
-Poor are the people who don’t have dreams.
-Be careful of the dreams you chose, for dreams come true.
-All men dream but not equally. Most of them dream in the rusty recess of the night and by morning it fades into vanity. The dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they might live their dreams.

From Vijay (Australia) on 5 Benefits of Rising Early: I’m an early riser myself – would easily do three hours of work before 9am. However, I think people have different biorhythms. Some function best in the morning while others come alive later in the day. I’m sure even the late risers can claim their peace and quiet in the wee hours of the morning while we early risers are traipsing lala-land.

From Dr. Mona (India) on Price of Coffee Can Feed Many: Hi Mush, I’ve started thanking lord for how fortunate i m instead of cribbing about my adversaries.

From Andy (Singapore) on What Do You Expect? Wow!!! That’s powerful. I like the 4 magic words. Another 4 magic word Mush: Face it, Except it, Slove it and Leave it!

From Mashu (Hong Kong) on A Better Runner: AAAWWWWWW!!! I really should have got that earlier so i could do it in my sports day!

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