Book launch: Dhinchak Life

It’s finally happening! Dymocks is a leading book store chain in Hong Kong, and the book will be available at all of it’s 14 stores after the launch. If you think Dhinchak Life is worth spreading, here’s how you can help:

Thanks to Kash Events & Entertainment, Dymocks, YantoYan, and most importantly, Sara for putting everything together while in the middle of her own launch of Sara’s Henna Couture!

6 thoughts on “Book launch: Dhinchak Life

  1. Another feather in your cap!! Am wondering how you look with so many feathers in your cap :)….always proud of your achievements and always have the very best of wishes for you!!! Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more!! All the very best for your launch on 17th!! Am very sure that its going to be a great success!


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