Coffee Wagera won the “Fastest Growing Brand of the Year Award 2021”

I started Coffee Wagera in 2018 with an outlet in Badar Commercial, DHA Karachi. And with a dream to make it the biggest and the best local coffee shop chain of Pakistan. Few things were very clear in my mind from the beginning, and were integral parts of our business model/values:

  1. This will be a real cafe, like Starbucks, Costa, Tim Hortons. No kitchen/cooking. Focus on coffee beverages, with some snacks. Not a restaurant like Gloria Jeans, Butlers or Espresso.
  2. The workbench will be an integral part of the offering, with comfortable chairs, power/USB sockets, high-speed internet/wifi with a minimum spending for unlimited hours
  3. There will be a lot of focus on ‘happiness at work’ to keep the staff happy. Only happy staff can make customers happy. That’s why I gave myself the title of ‘Chief Happiness Officer’.
  4. Customer focus through good products, reasonable prices, exceptional service, easy to exchange practice, free drinking water, clean toilets, loyalty program and more
  5. This will be a socially responsible business which will be mindful of what impact we make on the community, the country and the environment.
  6. We will support women empowerment, inclusion, low-waste, entrepreneurship and other causes.
  7. We will follow the franchise model for growth. Setup at least five outlets in Karachi, before expanding in Lahore, Islamabad and other cities.

It’s been over four year and we have been true to our model and values! We have attracted awesome franchisees, amazing suppliers and service providers, competent and motivated staff members, and extremely loyal customers. We have opened 11 locations in 3 cities in 4 years!

And we have just been recognized as the “Fastest Growing Brand of the Year 2021” in the category of local coffee shop chains! In the following video I share my sentiments and dedication of the award:

More about Brand of the Year Awards here:

And the highlights of the event here:

2 thoughts on “Coffee Wagera won the “Fastest Growing Brand of the Year Award 2021”

  1. Mush,

    So so happy for you!! Happy but not surprised 😃 To swim against the current is not easy but you did it!!

    May you always soar higher 👍



    Liked by 1 person

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