Lately, I have been wondering about the contradictions in our thoughts and actions:

  • We want to be slim but we eat too much
  • We want to be smart but we miss the class, or don’t read the books
  • We want happy relationships but we sabotage them with our actions
  • We have dreams but we don’t set goals
  • We want to achieve our goals but we don’t plan
  • We plan but don’t take the action
  • We worry about retirement but we don’t save
  • We want to finish the project but we don’t stay focused
  • We want to wake up early but we don’t go to bed early

The list goes on. Are human beings lazy, indisciplined, indecisive and stupid by nature? Do our genes not have the willpower to fight temptations, to persevere, to do the right thing?

What do you think?

18 thoughts on “Contradictions

  1. people can dream all they want, plan and set goals and even work for them… but in the end they might have to settle for not reaching for their dreams cus they have to trample over or hurt too many people to get their dreams. Human beings are just that… humans and they have hearts and impulses and urges and are sensitive and insecure so even if things are good they feel they’re too good to be true and end up sabotaging them. some people might see these as weaknesses – others as strengths. who decides what’s the ‘right thing’?


  2. I guess we look for the easy way out. We are in a quest for that quick fix to reach our goals than actually pondering over how best to reach our goal.
    Most often we are trying hard to justify why we didn’t succeed rather than find new ways to get there.

    there is a nice saying that says….
    ‘If you did what you always did, you will get what you always got.’


  3. Thanks Mush….
    I have to confess that i own 80 percent of that item so,we are lucky having u Mush who always lead us to do the right thing doing the best so we can achieve our goal. I just dont realise!any way,this is my belate report about your promo. I got 2 wwp and 1 cfl + 1 et(sorry)….


  4. WOW,it succeed .. Mush,I thank you for reminding me what I should do,after reading your email I realise
    that I don’t make a goal etc etc like what I used to do in the past
    It’s you that remind mde a lot of things.I like to thank Hema as well,although I never met you before but your quote remind me a lot of things in the past .. Hallo Shad,are you there reading our comments and what is your comments??
    why don’t you share?again . thank you Mush


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