Rethink Your Drink and Hydration Choices

There are few reasons why we should be aware of what we drink, how much we drink, and the caloric contents of what we drink:

  1. While staying hydrated is important for our health, fitness and energy levels, our hydration choices are also critical to our health.
  2. While water may be the healthiest and the best drink, everyone can’t live on just water. Most of us have some tea, coffee, juices and other drinks in our daily routine.
  3. While we pay attention to the calories in our food, it’s important to know the caloric contents of our drinks for any weight management program.

Here’s one of the most comprehensive articles on calories in everyday drinks, nutritional information, types of sugar, and loads of useful suggestions, presented in a very easy-to-read format. Click here to download. And please share your own tips and thoughts through comments.

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