The Weekly Round-Up: An Introduction

First post by our new contributor, Hamza:

How’s it going readers? Starting from today, I’ll be putting up a couple of links from around the blogosphere of articles that are either a must-read, extremely useful, or just plain interesting. These will of course be sticking to the themes of healthy living, productivity, business, personal finance, inspiration and life in general.

Without further ado, here are 8 interesting articles for the week ending Sunday, 12/04.

Stay tuned for the next weekly round-up!

2 thoughts on “The Weekly Round-Up: An Introduction

  1. After reading the article on “Finding Balanace between Time and Money”, I am tempted to suggest the reading of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” and also his follow-up “A new Earth” – two great pieces of reading to find your real purpose in life: greater peace and inner fulfillment. Once you find your authentic self, the dollars will follow.


  2. Nice selection, Hamza! I liked them all.
    I also make the portions mistake while watching my diet 🙂
    Loved the ‘to-stop’ list in the productivity tips!

    Thanks Vijay, for the book recommendations! Good to see you visiting the blog.


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