Inspiration from a 66-year old graduating!

Trevor Lunn has been one of my biggest mentors, greatest inspirations and best friends ever since I first met him in 1989. Trevor has achieved many amazing things in life… and now he has graduated at the age of 66!

Trevor studied medicine when he was a youngster, but life events, such as marriage and kids, and the pressure of earning a living for the family, intervened, and he did not finish his medicine degree. He regretted that ever since. So when he retired and moved to Melbourne, he decided to go back to university and enrolled with Deakin University as a full-time student to study health science. As a mature age undergrad (probably the most matured on record), he put in extra efforts and achieved exceptional results. In the three years of studying, he got high distinctions in almost all subjects and numerous awards for being top of the class.

And finally, his dream just came true – he graduated with distinction and wore a mortar board on his head. He had self doubts about his ability to do a degree at this age. But apart from the strong desire of self-actualisation, he also wanted to set an example to his kids and grandkids – that if you put your mind to it, you’ll achieve great results despite the odds.

[Thanks to Priscilla Lunn for helping with the story. Here’s another piece I had written about Trevor when he was retiring in 2009.]

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