3 questions before you buy it

Here’s another very useful shopping strategy to keep life simple and uncluttered. If it’s anything other than the basic necessities, it must do one of the three things:

  1. Will it be a source of information or inspiration?
  2. Will it help simplify or un-clutter my life?
  3. Will it save me time or money?

If it does, I allow myself the pleasure of impulse buying. The following wooden stand that I bought today is such an example. It helps keep the coffee capsules organized and tidy, replacing the boxes. The photo shows before and after.

Do you think the three questions can save you some money, time or space?

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2 thoughts on “3 questions before you buy it

  1. Mush every time I go shopping I think of you and your post. I have mixed feelings – sad to let go my temptation to buy something (completely useless) and happy to have saved money. You have managed to change an impulsive shopper to a compulsive shopper. However I am glad you did 🙂


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