Inspiration from a 70-year old entrepreneur!


Lalo is a 70-year old woman who owns and actively manages one of the best B&Bs in Guanajuato, a beautiful city in Mexico. She lives on her own in a house nearby. I was lucky to have a conversation with her over breakfast… and get super inspired!

She has a few grown up kids, and some grandkids, all living their lives in different parts of the world. She stays in her own house so she can be occupied in her business. She travels for 2-3 months every year, sometimes visiting kids and sometimes to see new places. She told me, ‘I’ve had a great life… but I want to be useful and occupied as long as possible…’ Just a few months ago she started an herbs garden in her backyard ‘to have a new purpose’. She then started teaching local women about the benefits of those herbs, and soon started making soaps, creams and other beauty products with the help of her ‘students.’ Lalo has had her share of challenges in life, including the loss of three husbands, but she accepts what she can’t control and continues to be grateful for all the goodness of life.

It’s been a few weeks since I met her but I haven’t stopped thinking about her, so decided to share the story through this blog – hoping it inspires us to live a life of purpose, find new challenges, be useful, accept what we can’t change, be grateful for life. Age is just a number.

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