Health Calculators

Thee very useful links for anyone concerned about calories in our food and other health indicators:

Calories Burned provides a calcalutor where you input your weight, activity and duration. A 76-kg person can burn 44 calories while sitting and blogging for half an hour, or 153 calories by swimming for the same amount of time!

Calories Calculator is a helpful tool to measure the amount of calories and fat in what we eat. E.g. a medium size banana has only 0.6 gm of fat and 105 calories, while half a cup of banana chips have 16 gm of fat and 239 calories!

Health Calculators is part of that offers many useful calculators e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, stress meter, drugs directory, calories in Indian food, teeth chart and even world population and death clocks!

If you want to control your weight but find calorie counting too complicated, stay tuned for the next post on easy steps to better health and fitness.