Do You Live in the Past, Present or Future?

Most of the advice we get from experts is that we should live in the present, because ‘past is gone and nobody has seen the future’. I think thinking about all three is equally important:

Thinking of your past successes can boost your self image in times of disappointments. Reliving the happy memories of the past can provide instant happiness and shift your emotions. Going back in time and forgiving anyone who ever hurt you can be very liberating!

Living in the present allows you to notice the good things in your life, right now. It makes you grateful. Staying focused on what needs to be done right now, today, is the only way to achieve your goals. The only way to change your future is to change your present!

Dreaming of the future is vital too. That’s the only way to set and achieve meaningful goals in life. The most common success formula is still: dreams, goals, plan and action!

Where do you spend most of your thoughts: past, present or future?

5 thoughts on “Do You Live in the Past, Present or Future?

  1. True. I think we should spend some time every day thinking about the future; that becomes the reason to ‘be’ or ‘do’ quite often and a source of inspiration. The past can be drawn upon for lessons learnt (or not:)… and of course the present is the key.


  2. hmm in all 3.. think about the past… get happy from thinkin of it, so start plannin the future in order to make happier memories and between thinkin of the happy memories of the past n plannin for the future my present looks Brighter n happier 😀 and i can then start workin presently for the future! .. i think i just made it sound very confusing..:S


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