Who/What Do You Blame?

Ever noticed how so many people blame somebody or something for the problems in their lives? I think most commonly blamed parties are:

  1. Upbringing – parents, teachers, school, college, university…
  2. Country – lack of opportunities, education, wealth…
  3. Circumstances – not luck, no money, no resources, no connections…
  4. Age – too young, too old…
  5. At work – industry, company, products, boss, colleagues…

If you are using one of these as excuses for not living your best life, think again! If you often find yourself saying: ‘I am late because of traffic’ or ‘I am overweight because of my genes’ or ‘I don’t have the time for _ because of _’ then you are the type who likes to fix the blame or give excuses instead of accepting responsibility.

“Be the change you want to see!” (Mahatma Gandhi)

2 thoughts on “Who/What Do You Blame?

  1. It is easy to blame others for one’s faults to make one feel less guilty.. But many do not realize the only way that one can learn from what one did wrong is by blaming oneself. Learn from mistakes, learn from experience….

    Only thing is some people just don’t let the person who made the mistake forget about the mistake. Instead, people keep bringing the matter up, thereby making the person feel worse and start to blame others so that this kind of situation will not happen again..

    The question is.. Which is the lesser of the two evils? Blaming others and not learn from the mistakes, or blaming oneself and get tormented for the rest of one’s life?


    • Aini, good point! There’s a difference between ‘blaming oneself’ and ‘accepting responsibility’ – one results in guilt, the other in personal development. The guy who says ‘I am late because of traffic’ will always be late. But the guy who says ‘I am late because I got up late, or because I didn’t realize there’ll be so much traffic’ is less likely to be late next time. Hope that helps!


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