How Do You Deal with Loneliness?

0907 sunsetOn this lonely weekend (most of my family still not back from Pakistan), as I was reading Paulo Coelho’s blog, I found his post on loneliness that reflected my own thoughts. Here it is:

As Elvis Presley says : “Are you lonesome tonight?” and when you’re alone, what do you really do? How do you deal, how do you cope with yourself? Is it a burden? Or is it for you a way to dive deep into your soul and understand yourself? In my case, it’s both.

Sometimes I feel really alone, and I have no one to talk to. Sometimes there is this moment that I really need to be alone and to understand what’s going on, not in the world, but within myself. So, your thoughts on loneliness, that very very strange feeling that once a day or a week, we do feel.

[Photo taken by me yesterday from home. See the plane that just landed and the cable cars in the background?]

One thought on “How Do You Deal with Loneliness?

  1. Same here…:(
    She (My wife) is coming on 6th from Pak..But I can wait, else what can I DO 😦
    Listening Akelay Hum Akelay Tum Song 🙂


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