Patience, Persistence and Positive Attitude!

One of Sara’s odd jobs is to sell FM radios at Rugby matches around London. The company pays a fixed allowance of GBP40 for selling a minimum of 100 and additional commission for everything over. Last weekend Sara had a good earning of 50 pounds, but then she lost her bag at a shopping mall with all the earning and other valuables. That’s like losing a quarter of your monthly paycheck! She was obviously quite depressed, but only for a little while, until somebody reminded here that there was nothing in that bag that couldn’t be replaced. She hoped for another Rugby match to make up for the loss.

This weekend, the group was taken to a small Rugby match in Coventry. The company didn’t expect to sell many, so they offered a commission of 1 pound per radio – no fixed allowance, no minimum target. There were about 15 students in the group and everyone thought they’d be lucky if they sold 20. That’s what the company expected too. But Sara saw a real opportunity and aimed to sell 50. Just before they arrived at the venue, the weather turned nasty – rain, hail, snow and all! The turnout of the spectators was very low; nobody wanted to listen to a student trying to sell a 5-pound radio; the sellers were freezing with cold! The group ended up selling about 300 pieces, as opposed to a 1000 at regular matches. But Sara had sold 67 of these! That means the rest of the group had averaged 15 pieces each. This was perhaps the first time the company had paid a commission of 67 pounds to an individual at a match in Coventry! We can learn quite a bit from this 22-year old student.

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21 thoughts on “Patience, Persistence and Positive Attitude!

  1. Salaams Sara, Nice to hear of your success and hope that you were able to recover most of the contents for your new bag. Best wishes, Masood


  2. hiii!! thank u everyone for the comments!:) it was a veryyy tiring day but definitely worth it in the end! hehe i want more commission based rugby matches now!
    missing u alll and hope to see you soooon inshallah!


  3. Heya Sis.!!! Great work! simply WOW…!!! take care and keep going 😉
    With lots & lots of Prayers…
    Hussain Lakhani.


  4. Well done Sara,
    it is an inspiring incident and the way you handled is making us proud and believe that no doubt you r determined like your father..
    We are proud of you.

    Abul Hassan & Chundi Aunti


  5. Very impressive sara!! atlast u’ve learned some skills…hamza would be very proud of u..;)
    keep up the spirit!! there are so many people who can buy u a new bag..:P so dont worry..

    take care


  6. Dearest Sara – Excellent news. We firmly believe in “if no one can, Sara will”. I guarantee a real bright future, Inshallah. Love. Naqi uncle.


  7. hahaha! yes selling and persistence really dus run in the family! and i’m surprised at how many people have left such inspiring and wonderful comments!! 🙂 it’s made my day better! 🙂


  8. hey sara:)

    That is really inspirational.. and absolutely, ‘selling’ is inborn skill in Mush’s children. There hamza did excellent job in UAE and so did u in London! Truly amazing!;)

    Miss u


  9. Salam alaikom.
    It’s amazing ! If there is will there is a success. Keep it up.
    Salams n duas
    Kaneez Fathima


  10. What an amzing job Sara….Positive attitude in one’s life can bring some great changes. Keep up the high spirits.
    Wish U all the best!


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