Quadriplegic Sailor Crosses Atlantic!

Geoff Holt, is the first quadriplegic (paralyzed of all four limbs) yachtsman to cross the Altantic Ocean in a 60-foot, purpose-built, wheelchair accessible, catamaran called the Impossible Dream.

Holt had suffered a spinal cord injury in 1984 while diving in shallow water, which left him paralyzed from the chest down. In 2007, he was the first disabled yachtsman to sail single-handed around Britain.

“It’s not about being disabled. It’s not about sailing the Atlantic Ocean. It’s about demonstrating that disability need not be a barrier to achieving something positive in your life.” He said. You can read more about him and his voyage at his blog.

The next time I find myself shying away from a challenging goal, or finding excuses for not following through on a plan, I am going to think of Geoff Holt.

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