Follow Your Passion: Roz Savage rowing across the Pacific!

Five years ago, Roz Savage quit her high-powered London job to become an ocean rower. She’s crossed the Atlantic solo, and just started the third leg of a Pacific solo row, the first for a woman. Why does she do it? Hear her reasons, both deeply personal and urgently activist. A very inspiring video about following your passion, finding your purpose, getting out of your comfort zone, challenges and achievements!

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4 thoughts on “Follow Your Passion: Roz Savage rowing across the Pacific!

  1. thts really brave of her.. but didnt she encounter any sea creatures while on her loonnggg journey?

    papa how do we know if the fish we eat at home hasnt swallowed any plastic frm the sea? and if its safe to eat?

    i like her adventures though 🙂


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