What’s the Perfect Time?

What’s the perfect time…

  • to start exercising?
  • to start eating healthy?
  • to start learning a new thing?
  • to start reading?
  • to get organized?
  • to help someone in need?
  • to stop procrastination?
  • to say ‘i love you’?
  • to say ‘thank you’?
  • to quit smoking?
  • to quit drinking?
  • to follow your dream?
  • to take a vacation, to travel?
  • to volunteer for a cause?

So many people spend their lives waiting for the perfect time to do what needs to be done now. What are you procrastinating?

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One thought on “What’s the Perfect Time?

  1. the time when u want to do something is THE PERFECT TIME ……..as the saying goes Time and Tide wait for none ……..so time will not wait for anyone ….one should do when one wants to do !


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