What does your profession demand?

I met a fat doctor. Though I don’t like to judge people by their appearances, I wouldn’t quite trust him with my own health and well-being. What will be your first impression when you see…

  • A dentist with bad teeth?
  • A tailor in shabby clothes?
  • A teacher who doesn’t like kids?
  • A beautician who is less than beautiful?
  • A manager who is not organized?
  • An educationist who doesn’t like to read?
  • A banker or financial expert with no money?
  • A motivational trainer who gets depressed easily?
  • A salesperson who doesn’t use her own products, or worse still, uses competitive products?

These are examples of people who are in the wrong jobs/business; who don’t believe in what they do; who don’t practice what they preach. Every profession comes with certain demands and responsibilities, fulfilling which results in success and happiness. And so does every relationship. As a spouse, we must find the time for our partner. As parents, we have to be the role models. As friends we have to be there. And what about our responsibilities towards the community, towards our fellow human beings and towards the world we live in?

“It’s easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”

5 thoughts on “What does your profession demand?

  1. So true..I am always impressed with your precise/concise communication , getting the message accross effectively.I pass on many of your wise communications to my children in Australia, as they have to play a longer innings than me.Also never t too late for me to keep learning and remain uptodate.

    Thanks again .

    Farooq Shaikh


  2. Let us not forget that some people have a genetic or medical condition which may be out of their control or hereditary. For example many people with a common thyroid condition put on weight easily even if they watch their calories.

    In other words, a fat doctor may also be a great doctor. A fat leader may also be a great leader ()


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