“Starting Today!” by Pido Aguilar


During my last talk at the 7th HR & Training Congress in Manila, I was honored to have a few great international speakers watching and listening to me. At the end of the talk, I was obviously thrilled to hear extremely positive feedback from all of them, but the highlight was a note and two books that Pido Aguilar had left for me before he went backstage to get ready for his own talk.

The feedback note said: “Energetic, poised, infectious, life-related!” And it had three ticks under ‘strongly agree’ for Relevant, Effective and Fun. The two books he had left for me were his own: “The 7 Heartsets of True Abundance”, and “Starting Today!” And each had inspiring and personalized messages he had written for me! I was deeply touched by this beautiful act of kindness and encouragement.

Both the books are extremely inspiring and totally dinchack!. “Starting Today!” is a collection of 1001 affirmations that ‘bless your life, touch your heart and nurture your soul’. I often pick it up, open it randomly in the middle to ‘see what’s my affirmation for today’ and each one is usually more inspiring than the other e.g. Starting Today…

  • I improve myself; I improve my work.
  • I assume less; I presume less.
  • I rise every morning with gratitude; I retire every night with gratitude.
  • I take nothing personally.
  • I allow nothing and no one to block my dreams.
  • I keep the past in the past.
  • If I need an increase in income, I increase my giving.
  • I grow my money best by adding value to other people’s lives.
  • I know that now is the time. Now is my time.

Many thanks, Pido! ‘May everything in your life get better, starting today’ to use your words!

One thought on ““Starting Today!” by Pido Aguilar

  1. Morning. Just what I needed. A message of inspiration & abundance. The joy exuded by both of u in pic says it all. What a great start to my day . Thanks😍😍


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