Great day or lousy day?

It was one of those days when I was able to notice most of the good things in life – big and small.

Waking up to a new day – alive and healthy! Running water, hot and cold! Nice clothes to wear! Fresh juice to drink! A job to go to! Beautiful weather – neither hot nor cold! Train station close to home! Train that’s always on time! My favorite corner seat! An hour of thinking and reading time! Nice office – with a sea view! The old cleaning lady who cleans with a passion and greets with enthusiasm! Clean pantry with filtered drinking water! Lots of work to do – mostly enjoyable! A Mac that’s always reliable – no virus, no spam, no hanging up! High-speed Internet access! An email from Hamza recommending another productivity software! Lots of people who trust me with their problems and impossible deadlines! An unexpected lunch meeting in a nice and quiet restaurant with the most divine tempura! New things to learn! Central air-conditioning to keep us cold, and a portable heater under the desks when it gets too cold! Lots of things to laugh about! Coming home to a loving family! Still being in love with the same person after almost 30 years! Kids (many) that we are proud of! Amazing home-cooked food for dinner…WOW!

What kind of a day do you think I had? Amazing, exciting, wonderful, of course! There were some problems for sure and a few challenging situations, but somehow they all looked small and insignificant! On any given day we all have more good things than bad things. But when we fail to notice and acknowledge them, even small problems and challenges look big and we end up having a lousy day! If our days make up our life, we can pretty much control the quality of our lives, can’t we?

12 thoughts on “Great day or lousy day?

  1. one of my favorite posts so far. even though you’ve been telling me this for i don’t know how many years, it’s good to have it in writing 😉


  2. wow, you make an ordinary “everyday” day sound so extraordinary and beautiful. i am already feeling the same too. what a wonderful day!!!!!


  3. Hi Mush, thank you for reminding this, we tell others, but we don’t count blessings of the day we had.


  4. I subscribe to many motivational newsletters and the one by Jim Rohn always ends with, “Make it a Great Day.” And that’s what I’ve started doing. Not just choosing to have a great day, but proactively making it great. All it needs it to give people a few smiles, appreciate them for jobs well done, pass around lots of hugs, learn something new daily and yes as you say Mush, appreciate all the good things going on, so now I am “Happy no matter what” and I also create an environment around me that is happy.


  5. Thanks to Ketaki, Hamza, Raza, Lakshmi, Sangita, Prasad and Sunita!
    Another great day after reading your comments 🙂


  6. Like you wrote I also believe it all depends on our outlook towards life. Optimists will always find something good in everything and pessimists…why talk about negative things 😉


  7. umm its true! but most people dont have the same things. Good Office or a nice family or much money to spend on the lunch etc. Still many people are facing many many and soo many problems that i cant even imagine. I took that lecture of your’s in your office karachi, and you told us about the thanking God and WOW!!! factor. So that was very helpfull. I am seriously more thankfull to God after that day :). Thanks and keep posting:).


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