American Express and Mandarin Oriental get it!

mandarin-bdayMost hotels are very particular about getting their guests’ date of birth upon check in. Whenever I am asked to fill in mine, I ask, “Are you planning to send me a birthday card?” I usually get a sheepish smile in response.

Out of the hundreds of hotels that have collected my DOB during the last ten years of my traveling – including some of the biggest chains and brands – only Mandarin Oriental in Macau sends me a birthday card every year. And it comes with a special offer of a deluxe room for two at almost half the price for any two nights during my birthday month! That’s WOW!

amex-bdayThis year, I also got a birthday card from American Express. And this included six discount coupons on meals at some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong! Another WOW!

If you are in any kind of business or sales, remember that one of the easiest ways of enhancing the relationship with your customer, or with anyone in your life for that matter, is remembering their birthday. And then following up with a gift or a personalized card or a phone call or even an SMS – anything but a link to one of those electronic greeting cards!

I know you can’t help thinking what to do on Mush’s birthday 🙂 Forward a link to my blog to somebody who could benefit from the information and inspiration. Also, any feedback, good or bad, on my blog through comments on Why I Write? page would mean a lot to me.

2 thoughts on “American Express and Mandarin Oriental get it!

  1. Hello!

    I agree that remembering birthdays and following up with gifts make others feel very much appreciated..

    Just wanna tell u my experience with one of the mobile service provider here.. Not a good experience..

    I was with the service provider for 7 years and I took one of the expensive plans right from the start and didn’t change.. Then, my sis got a very cheap plan a few years after me.. And she stayed for one year plus only.. And guess what? On her birthday, she got all kind of coupons and discounts and other stuff.. As for me, someone who paid more for so many years, didn’t get any! I actually called up and the customer service provider said, “Oh. That does not come with your plan.”

    I mean, if the company has any plans to keep their loyal customers, they would have had thought of this right? I straightaway cancelled my line and took up another service provider which is actually better. But I was too loyal to change earlier.. Too bad! Haha!!

    Anyway, the point is, no matter what changes you have for your extra services, don’t forget your old customers who are loyal to you. 🙂

    Anyway, when is your birthday? 🙂


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