Six things for happiness!

What do you think really makes people happy? I have wondered this question for years. Is it money that allows you to buy the things and do the things that you like? Or is it strong relationships – people you love, and people who love you? Or is it success in your chosen career and the recognition that comes with it? Or optimum health, fitness and energy to enjoy life to the fullest? Or a religion that connects you to a higher being and guides you to do right? Or does it come from contribution to community or society or mankind or other life or our planet earth?

What makes you happy? Please take this poll and tell us. Please limit to three of the six choices. Get your friends to take this poll too. The more participants, the clearer the answer.

8 thoughts on “Six things for happiness!

  1. Wow! These photos have made me happy!!! Did you take these photos Mush? If you did, you could possibly be redeemed from your Maccas sojourn!

    Is there a chronological progression happening here?



    • Thanks for the redemption, Vijay! Yes, there were taken every minute or two while Salma and I watched the sun and the world go by on a beach in Goa. It was one of those unforgettable evenings!


  2. i am curious…why are you *mush*?-its an unusual name to tag one’s personality/identity, right? or am i just an old fuddy-duddy? hehehe-
    more muscle to you mush….


  3. Hi Kirpal, thanks for visiting! Here’s the story of my name:
    My first name is Mushtaq (pronounced as Moosh-taak)
    When I moved to Hong Kong, people had a difficulty pronouncing my name.
    But they usually got the firs part right. That’s when Mush was born 🙂


  4. HI mush i am hasan and i redesign ur exhibition stalls at expo. 1 of ur company officer farwarded this blog to me to poll, i am very happy to c ur web site and ur photos too. keep it up !
    i am in touch with imad and sana .


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