Weekly Recommendations

For the week ending Sunday, 28/06:

Happy reading.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recommendations

  1. What a refreshing perspective on time! Perhaps the best book I’ve ever read is Eckhart Tolle’s (I consider him a guru) “The Power of Now”. This book shows how one can free one’s self from the enslavement of the mind and one’s pre-occupation with to-do lists, goals, objectives, etc. that focuses on the future. Eckhart shows in simple, practical ways how to “quiet our thoughts, see the world in the present moment and sustain an enlightened state of consciousness throughout everyday life”.

    A highly recommended read Hamza!


  2. Thanks, Vijay! I remember Renay also suggested that book once. Couldn’t find it in my regular books stores in HK. Will try again. I’d like to ‘quiet my thoughts’ for a while 🙂


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