5 More Reasons to be Grateful!

0910 Buddha

Did you know?

  • 923 million people in the world are hungry!
  • 16,000 children die every day due to hunger – that’s one every five seconds!
  • 880 million people live without adequate supply of water!
  • 1.4 billion people live below the poverty line (USD1 per day)!
  • 200 million people are unemployed. And at least 20 million more were estimated to become unemployed in 2009!

If we are not one of the above, we have at least five more reasons to be grateful. We can choose to take all the good things for granted; we can continue to complain about the imperfections in our lives and other people; we can focus on all the things that we don’t have. And we are sure to be unhappy, miserable and stressed. Or… we can choose to be happy; we can start acknowledging and being grateful for all the goodness in life, and everything that we do have.

What are you grateful for, today, right now?

[Photo of Big Buddha in Hong Kong]

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9 thoughts on “5 More Reasons to be Grateful!

  1. کون کہتا ہے لفظ انقلاب نہیں لاتے : رب بھی انسان سے لفظوں میں بات کرتا ہے

    کھول کر آنکھیں میرے آئینہ گفتار میں ، آنے والے دور کی اکدھندلی سی تعبیر دیکھ


  2. I am Grateful for being healthy after a long sickness
    I am Grateful to have so many people who care for me.
    I am Grateful to have all the best things in life.

    Thankyou Mush for the amazing posts
    God bless you!


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