Why not a “Happy New Day”?

It’s wonderful to see most people getting excited about the new year – the greetings, fireworks, cheer, and most importantly, the optimism for the year ahead.

I wonder why can’t we greet each new day with the same cheer and optimism. Isn’t waking up each morning a reason to be grateful and happy? Isn’t every day a chance to celebrate life and everything it has to offer? If that seems a bit too extreme, then how about ‘happy new week’? Could we not be as excited about the challenges and surprises that each new week brings?

This year try new month resolutions at the start of every new month. I can tell you from experience, they work much better than new year resolutions.

Next time you get a ‘happy new day’ or a ‘happy new week’ greeting from me, you’ll know why 🙂

PS. I started a Mush’s Page on Facebook to spread the ideas about enhancing life further. It also makes it easier for you to ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ with just one click. Check it out.

[Photo of sunrise this morning by Sara]

7 thoughts on “Why not a “Happy New Day”?

  1. In agreement about embracing each new day with zeal but there’s definitely a place for “once-offs” like New Year’s Day. The fact that one waits a whole year for it, makes it special. Imagine celebrating your birthday every day- daily occurences are relegated to mediocrity and loses it’s appeal.


  2. Very true and correct Mush about being grateful and happy every day. To live a happy and joyful life we need to be excited 365 times in a year and not just only ONE time.Each day can be special in some or the other way we just need to count the blessings.
    My day is very very special when I don’t have any health problem, no fever no flu no cough no headache no throat infection. I feel so good I can eat what I want I can talk I can walk I can watch TV I can read I can sing Oh my God really isn’t all that enough to be excited and be happy?

    Life is exactly how you think about it.

    I’m so happy, tonight I am attending a Wedding Party. Looking forward to meet many people and to eat yummy food at
    P Continental WOW !!

    Best Wishes all the time

    Cheers ! Life is Good !!

    Parveen Rizvi


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