10 Essentials of Life by Leo Buscaglia

From Living, Loving and Learning by Leo Buscaglia:

  1. Right Knowledge, to supply you with the tools necessary for your voyage.
  2. Wisdom, to assure you that you are using the accumulated knowledge of the past in a manner that will best serve the discovery of your presence, your ‘now’.
  3. Compassion, to help you accept others whose ways may be different from yours, with gentleness and understanding, as you move with them or through them or around them on your own way.
  4. Harmony, to be able to accept the natural flow of life.
  5. Creativity, to help you to realize and recognize new alternatives and unchartered paths along the way.
  6. Strength, to stand up against fear and move forward in spite of uncertainty, without guarantee or payment.
  7. Peace, to keep you centered.
  8. Joy, to keep you songful, and laughing and dancing all along the way.
  9. Love, to be your continual guide towards the highest level of consciousness of which man is capable.
  10. Unity, which brings us back to where we started – the place where we are at one with ourselves and with all things.

To me, life is God’s gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to God. Make it a fantastic one.

What do you think is essential in life? Please share through your comments.

[Photo: Tree outside the Heathrow Airport, March 2010]

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6 thoughts on “10 Essentials of Life by Leo Buscaglia

  1. thats a beautiful photo… it’s hard to pick what’s essential in life… I think all the above things are connected to one another.. and they’re all essential to make your life fulfilling… can’t think of One thing! hehe


  2. Life’s biggest possessions are the relationships we build thro’ our lives. Some are god-gifted and some are man-made, but we really needs tons of love, understanding and patience to nurture those…


  3. I think the most essential thing in life is to realize that you have everything you need in you to live a happy fulfilled life. Along with that are the healthy relationships in our life : family and friends who love you ; a sense of awe and gratitude that life can be so wonderful no matter what and the ability to be happy inspite of and despite external circumstances.


  4. I feel it is Love, peace and forgiveness that are very important in life. Life is very short live life to the fullest.


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