We love you, Zain!

Our dear friend Zain Naqi passed away this month, at the age of 22. We all remember him as an extra-ordinary young man who was very loving, friendly and always full of life. Zain used to spread cheer and laughter wherever he went. He was always ahead of the others in studies, sports and any other activities that he participated in. Zain always made his parents proud. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. Zain lived every day of his life, which was rather short.

I have put together some photos and a video of Zain, though his smiling face will always live in our hearts. These were taken during 2002-2006 in Hong Kong. If you were fortunate to have known Zain, please leave your thoughts and prayers as comments.

“You can shed tears that he is gone, or you can smile because he has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left. Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him, or you can be full of the love you shared. You can remember him only that he is gone, or you can cherish his memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back, or you can do what he’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.” (By David Harkins – British poet and painter)

24 thoughts on “We love you, Zain!

  1. Mushtaq Uncle.. This is definitely something we all need right now.. seeing him smiling and happy and all their family. Thank You 🙂


  2. A Huge and Really an Irrepairable loss -with people all around the Globe Gona Miss This Fine Lad-But definately With The Impact of Un-forgettable Memories That He has Left Will always allow us To Live by remembering them-
    May God Bless Him and Pray that Allah S.W.T places him at One of The Finest Area of Heaven.


  3. He was a good boy we realy missed him we never know it will be happen such a young age he was a very nice boy very very sorry for for Naqi and Ruqaya, May God Bless Him and Pray that Allah S.W.T places him at One of The Finest Area of Heaven.


  4. we will definitely always remember him as someone who was always laughing, and who was always full of knowledge and interesting facts about everything! I really envied him for how smart he was and wished I could have half as smart a brain as his! Those photos really show the best of our days with him in Hong Kong and he will forever have a place in all our hearts and lives. Rest in Peace Zain and may Allah bless him.
    thank you papa for putting this beautiful piece and photos together.


  5. Wow, what a shock isn’t it. All those memories of Zain in Hong Kong. I feel sad for those who were effected by this. We are all remembering Zain in our prayers these days. Ever since Zain went missing on May 1, I’ve been searching the internet for all the details on his case. I even found a picture of a machine lifting his car up from the water. See for yourself. Everyone dies but not everyone can live. INNA LILLAHE WA INNA ILAYHE RAJEOON.
    Here’s the link to the picture:


  6. Zain arrived in our hearts as a young boy of 11 or 12 together with his lovely family. The entire family became of part of us in no time, their modesty and unassuming nature endeared them to all they came in contact with. Naqi Bhai, Ruqia Bhabhi, Zain and Zahra became part of each family.

    Like many of us here in HK, I also witnessed Zain’s development into an active and interesting teenager. His participation in the Sunday school injected a new spirit together with the contribution from his parents. Together with them he made a huge huge difference.

    Zain’s passing away is devastating and some of us are still trying to come to term with it. This is going to be difficult but with time and patience Allah will help reduce the pain of loosing Zain. While remembering Zain fondly, I will pray for him and at the same time pray for Naqi Bhai, Ruqia Bhabhi and Zahra, that may Allah give them the strenght and patience (Sabr) to bear this loss.

    Inalillah-e-wa- Inna Ilahe- Rjaoon


  7. Zain came across to us as a intelligent, soft spoken individual a bright twinkle in his eye whenever he spoke. His departure has left us both sad and shocked. We Pray to Allah for Zain and that Allah grant his soul eternal peace in Jannah.


  8. firstly thanks mushtaq uncle for posting all these wonderful pictures. its just what we needed to refresh our minds of what great memories we shared with this gem of a guy.

    zain though you may not be here today but you are always going to be with us all in our hearts. It is so true that you really don’t realise what youve got till its gone, you have really managed to show us that…though it may be painful we can still see the light in this situation and look at life with a whole new greater perspective and appreciate it more than ever though your presence will always be missed. Zain you have indeed left us devastated and this is going to take a while for all of us…especially us kids as we practically grew up with u spent our teenage years together, but im sure one day inshallah we will come to terms with reality and be the way im sure you would want us to be now…happy and at peace. I only pray that Allah gives us all strength and patience but more importantly Naqi uncle, Ruqia aunty and Zahra to deal with this tragedy. Im sure Zain because you are probably chilling in some sweeeeeeeeeet corner of heaven smiling down upon us you will be able to pray for us too because you are most probably closer to Allah as well as the 14 masoomeen. We all love u dude and miss u oh so very much…i pray that you are happy 🙂 which im sure you are because you deserve to be. You probably never knew this but we all thought you were the nicest, kindest, smartest guy who ALWAYSSSSSSSS managed to put a smile on our faces. regardless of whether this were to have happened or not you were always on our mind cuz u were practically family to us dude which is why i say we will never forget you and you will always be in my prayers Zain. Until we meet again buddy! take care.
    God bless you Zain x

    Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Ilayhe Raajeoon…


  9. Its wonderful to recall all the great times we’ve had together. I hope Allah give Ruqia Aunty, Naqi Uncle and ZAhra strength to overcome this.
    we all love you 🙂


  10. I have no words to express my feeling iam at a loss,when his food minister(as he sometimes used to call me) feels this way my heart goes out to Naqi bhai, Ruqia and Zehra may Allah grant them Sabr, i will always remember him, as he was a jovial,jolly,smiling,educated,full of life kid,iam 100% sure that he is up there smiling at as appreciating our comments and feeling good that so many people loved him so dearly,pray for us and your family Zain as we will for you from here I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.


  11. We all love you and miss you zain you were are happy and lively person.You lived each day of your life to its fullest.Our condolences to Ruqia, Naqi Bhai and zahra. Zain is always in our prayers


  12. Zain was one of his kind.It’s not often that you come across such kind and loving souls.

    We were indeed blessed to have him amongst us for a short while and in that short time he managed to touch our hearts in some way or the other and that to for the better.

    The whole family used to be the heart and soul of every gathering with Zain eagerly participating in everything.

    We miss you Zain and I am sure you would be in heaven keeping an eye on all of us.Our prayers will always with you my dearest Zain.

    May Allah give strength to Naqi Bhai,Ruqia and Zahra to bear Zain’s loss.

    Hope we can do something meaningful in Zain’s memory ….. any thoughts !!! Like his friends form a network to provide support to each other and those in need.


  13. Whoever said you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone was a complete genius. Zain is just amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who smiles so much, who is so loving and kind and ALWAYS up for some fun. I aspire to be like that one day. I write this in the present tense because though we may not be able to see him, he is still very much with us and will never be a part of our past.

    I had planned that the next time I met him I would right all my wrongs with him, get to know him more and most of all talk about History with him as he loves history and knows EVERYTHING about it (he’s a bit of a genius actuall.) I still plan to do this one day, just at a later date when I am sure we will meet again.

    In the mean time Zain, you just better be having the time of your liiiiife up there, oh and make sure to get to know all the historical celebs okay? You know what I mean 🙂 And Zain, take care of us okay? We’ll miss you cousin. So very much.

    And my dearest most loved and most missed Ruqia aunty, Naqi uncle and Zahra, please know that I’ve been thinking about you all from day one. I just haven’t had the courage or the words to contact you in any way and for this, I am truly sorry. I pray that one day inshallah the pain will subside to bearable levels and you will be able to remember only the good times instead of the tragic end. I love you, I miss you and we are ALL here for you.

    Lots of love. xoxoxox


  14. From the day i heard about Zain my thoughts and prayers were with him and they still are,he was like a son to me and he never made me feel otherwise,always courtious,helpful,loving and full of life,he was loved by everyone it was just the way he was loveable,reality of him being not there is heart wretching,but I know that he can feel all our love for him.
    What words of condolance can one say to Naqi Bhai and Ruqia and my little darling Zehra to lessen their pain .., i do not know,all i can say that these are the times where we must look up to the examples of Shohada e Karbala.


  15. Zain blazed a trail, much like a shooting star — brilliant but painfully short, leaving behind the spectators completely dazed.
    I remember him to be an extremely well brought up kid who had great respect for his elders and his friends. He was not only bright and intelligent but also an obedient and a helpful young boy. I used to love discussing politics with him which often left me to wonder how well he knew his subject. His knowledge about religion too was extraordinary and the fact that he practiced it with fortitude left me in great admiration. His lovely smile was infectious and it made people around him happy. My mind goes to the various days and nights we spent together in Lantau and on yachts and parties. How much fun we all used to have?
    It’s a shame he had such a short life. The void created by his death will not be easy to fill. For some this wound might heal, as they say with time, but for many, not. I pray to Allah ( ST) to give courage to his amazing father Naqi Bhai, to his wonderful mother Ruqia and to his lovely sister Zehra to bear this immeasurable loss.
    Zain, you will remain in our memories as a wonderful boy who brought immense joy to all of us and someone who made his parents and sister proud. RIP my dear.


  16. Zain is what you call unique. We’ve met only a couple of times and truly speaking, on the very first meeting I came to know that Zain’s a guy who’s up for fun. Creative fun, probably. I still remember his wide smile (the widest I’ve ever seen) and his shining teeth remind me of his passion to win every challenge he stood up to.

    May he Rest In Peace.


  17. بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
    کل نفس ذائقۃ الموت
    الھم صل علی محمد و ال محمد
    الھم بحق الزھرا و ابیھا و بعلھا و بنیھا اغفر لسید زین نقی ابن سید محمد نقی

    Every one has to die but those who love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies. Zain is so close yet not with us in body any longer. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. Zain always remains in our hearts. We can call him and feel his smile anytime and anywhere by reciting Quran al-kareem (at least Sura al-Fateha) for his Eisal-e-sawaab. Though his physical separation from us is a huge and irreparable loss but it can be reduced by remembering the sacrifices of the youths of Karbala like Hazrat Ali Akber and Hazrat Qasim…..
    May Allah (SWT) bless him and shower his mercy with maghfirat and grant him a place in the neighborhood of Imams and Payghambers. (Ameen Ya rabbal a’alameen)


  18. I was reading all the wonderful posts everyone has written about Zain and they say everything that I want to say. What is so difficult, is to accept that we are all talking about him in the past tense. Truly, he was special and in so many ways. He touched our lives and enriched them. I can not think of another child as sweet, bright,kind and generous as he was. I remember discussions where I would be left astonished at the depth of his knowledge. He was an inspiration for me!
    In a time like this, what brings solace is the belief that this life is not the end. As Maulana Saheb puts it so beautifully, those who we love are still with us though we cannot see them. They live in our hearts and will, always! We still have a connection with them and when we pray for them we reaffirm our love. I am sure that Zain is in a better place, our grief is for our loss.
    May Allah give strength and sabr to Naqi bhai, Ruqia and Zahra to bear this devastating loss!



  19. To Ruqi Aunty, Naqi Uncle, and Zahra,

    Zain was by far one of the most intellectual and magnanimous people I have ever come across in my life. He had a heart big enough to hold no grudges, against anyone, ever. Although our meetings were sporadic, he held a special place in my life as someone whose level of friendliness along with intelligence far exceeded anyone else’s that I knew his age. His worldly knowledge, his infectious smile, respect for religion, and his incapacity to cause anyone offense or harm were all qualities which I looked up to, and will continue to admire and respect. Each time I met him, he inspired me to be the person I could never be.

    The junk trips, the hikes, the lunches, the dinners, the parties, the casual games of basketball or cricket, the Sai Kung picnics, Sunday school banter, are all memories which I thank Zain for and will cherish for decades to come. I find contentment in the fact that he is now resting in a better place and I hope you guys do too. Like Azra, I have been unable to articulate my thoughts until now, and for that I am truly sorry. I pray that you find courage in bearing his loss and I offer my deepest and most sincere condolences.

    With love,


    P.s. Thank you pop for putting together the compilation of pictures and for that beautiful quote by David Harkins.


  20. Zain…you must have been some one really special. All the above posts tell me that indeed we all will die one day but only some like you truly live. Rest in Peace.


  21. Aunty, Uncle, Zahra and friends of Zain,

    I knew Zain for such a brief time at AIS… and yet his graciousness and his warm smile are embedded in my memories. This news was quite shocking and no words can express my condolences enough. I pray for your family in this time, and hope that you remember each day that he is watching over from a far better place. May your memories give you strength; my thoughts are with your family…God bless you all.

    May you rest in everlasting peace, Zain.


  22. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

    May Allah give his family sabr & rest his soul in peace. For a parent, there is no test bigger than this. Nothing can be more devastating than outliving our children.

    I pray that we can strengthen our i’maan, be rightly guided in the roles we have been given in this duniya, especially being a parent and how we are with our children.

    To Accept Allah’s wisdom and keep mortality and the impermanence of life at the forefront of our mind.


  23. We are very sad to hear the untimely demise of such nice person. Though we have not met much but I remember him as a very fine and jovial boy. We pray that Allah rest his soul in peace and grant him jannat Ameen.

    Rukiya n Naqi bhai accept our condolences and may Allah give you courage to bear this great loss.


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