Power of the Human Will: 100km Trek for Fundraising

Three university students, Hamza, Tom and Chris, trekked the 100km MacLehose Trail of Hong Kong to raise funds for the millions affected by the floods in Pakistan. It’s the same trail that’s attempted by over 10,000 people every year who participate in the Oxfam event – only 3,000 or so are able to complete it within the 48 hours time limit, despite many months of training.

Hamza, Tom and Chris walked and climbed for 38 hours, without much rest or sleep, in extreme weather conditions (hot and humid during the day; cold and stormy at night), without any training, experience or professional gear! There were times when they wanted to give up due to bad weather, dehydration, blistered feet, sprained ankles, sleep deprivation… but it was sheer will power, absolute commitment to the goal, and the support of family and friends that kept them going. And their only purpose was to raise awareness and funds for the millions affected by the floods in Pakistan. So far, they have raised GBP5,000 against the very ambitious target of GBP10,000! You can read the full story and still support them here.

What’s also inspiring is that three men from three different countries and faiths could be so committed to a humanitarian cause, and to making a difference.

[Photo taken on Friday 20th morning when we met them to replenish their supply of water and snacks. From L to R: Chris Tsao, Tom Owens, Hamza Mush. Some more photos here.]

Update (3rd Sep. 2010): JustGiving named them the Fundraisers of the Month for raising GBP8000 in just three weeks, without much planning or previous experience! Read the story here.

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4 thoughts on “Power of the Human Will: 100km Trek for Fundraising

  1. May God Blessings be with all the team for doing efforts for a noble cause. There are very few people with such kind hearts who actually feel the pain for the sufferings of humanity. Hamza do contact me while at Pakistan for the contributiion.
    Regards AbulHassan.


  2. Great job guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was awesome. Hope you’re able to achieve what you’re striving for 🙂

    Raza J.,


  3. Hamza, some comments received through email:

    “Congratulations to Humza and his comrades for accomplishing this great ordeal. It’s really commendable to be thinking so big and so much for humanity at their age. They walked day and night in difficult circumstances while their friends might be having a good time somewhere chilling around. Well done boys!” (Saman Hadi)

    “Thanks Mush for the updating on Hamza’s trekking….Great job for a great cause.” (Mona Pashi)


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