Are You a ‘Maybe’ Person?

I know someone whom I have started calling a ‘Maybe Person’.

“Are we meeting this weekend?” “Maybe. I’ll let you know.”

“Are you planning to take any days off?” “Maybe. I am still thinking.”

“I really need to start exercising. Maybe I’ll start jogging, or perhaps swimming, hopefully soon.”

“I don’t want to miss that movie. Maybe this weekend. Or maybe next Tuesday.”

“I may be late.” “I may want to borrow that book.” “I may not be able to do that.”

I am not close enough to this person to figure out whether it’s lack of commitment or procrastination or just indecisiveness. But there’s an obvious lack of certainly and absence of any passion for life. Can a Maybe person ever lead others, inspire someone, be fun to be with, be reliable and dependable? I doubt it.

Do you know anyone like that? How does it feel to be with a Maybe person?

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3 thoughts on “Are You a ‘Maybe’ Person?

  1. Mush you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one! There had been a phase in my life wen I temporarily became a “maybe” person. It was awful…absolutely and horrendously awful!I altogether stopped enjoying life, coudn’t cope with the ever balloning pending tasks and felt down in the pits most of the time. It is awesome to be on top of things, to be in control and to know your mind and to help others know theirs too;)God has given so much to each one of us…it’s sad that most of us never achieve our full potential; owing to this often “undiagnosed” impairment.


  2. Hey Mushtaq uncle!

    So this post caught my attention as I can definitely be categorized as a “maybe person” from time to time but if I’m honest, I quite like it! Of course sometimes a yes or no answer is necessary but I think where applicable, saying “maybe” gives you the option of not doing something without the guilt of letting someone down.

    I prefer saying and hearing “maybe” to an enthusiastic “YES, DEFINITELY” which later turns into an “oh, sorry but…” By saying maybe I feel like I’m also taking the pressure off the other person to keep me informed about plans, I never committed so if I’m left out it’s my fault, and this of course goes for someone who says maybe to me.

    That’s just my opinion though, and who knows…maybe I’ll change 😉


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