Are You a ‘Maybe’ Person?

I know someone whom I have started calling a ‘Maybe Person’.

“Are we meeting this weekend?” “Maybe. I’ll let you know.”

“Are you planning to take any days off?” “Maybe. I am still thinking.”

“I really need to start exercising. Maybe I’ll start jogging, or perhaps swimming, hopefully soon.”

“I don’t want to miss that movie. Maybe this weekend. Or maybe next Tuesday.”

“I may be late.” “I may want to borrow that book.” “I may not be able to do that.”

I am not close enough to this person to figure out whether it’s lack of commitment or procrastination or just indecisiveness. But there’s an obvious lack of certainly and absence of any passion for life. Can a Maybe person ever lead others, inspire someone, be fun to be with, be reliable and dependable? I doubt it.

Do you know anyone like that? How does it feel to be with a Maybe person?

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