“Just one bite…”

201212 onebite

Does that sound familiar?

  • Just one bite of that dessert won’t make me fat
  • Just five more minutes of sleep won’t make me late
  • Just one day off from exercise is ok
  • Just one more charge on my credit card won’t make it any worse

True. If you can really stop after one bite… and that one bite doesn’t lead you to another and then another… For me, resisting the second bite is harder than the first one. And even if I can resist, just one bite leaves me guiltier than no bite. So for me, just one bite is as dangerous! Except of course, on Sundays, when I allow myself to break all the rules – well, almost all. More on the ‘weekly cheat day’ in another post.

“Your life today is what your choices have made it, but with new choices, you can change directions this very moment.” Just one choice can change your life!

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