An exciting first week of Dinchack!

Image 4Dinchack completed its first week today. Few modest achievements:

  1. Dinchack website shows up in the top three search results on Google! Very exciting indeed, considering so many other dinchacks out there.
  2. Dinchack website has been viewed 1,937 times during the week. That’s fantastic, without any online marketing.
  3. Dinchack Facebook page now has 2,389 fans, in less than three weeks since launch! Overwhelming.
  4. And here’s what I am most thrilled about… Dinchack got it’s first client!

I have my first speaking assignment at the ’4th Annual Summit for Leaders and Managers’ on 31st May in Manila, organized by ‘Ariva! Events Management’. Hoping to get at least one more in May.

I am happy with the progress, and looking forward to a dinchack future ahead. Thanks to everyone’s encouragement, support and good wishes!

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