If you could live your life again…

I turned 46 this month. And this birthday, I asked myself a few questions:

  1. If I could start over, what would I do differently?
  2. What would I not change at all?
  3. What have I learnt?
  4. What do I want to be five years from now, and ten, twenty…?

And I share some of the answers to #1, hoping that the exercise would inspire you as much:

  • I would sleep less, and read more.
  • I would eat less, and work out more.
  • I would complain less, and compliment more.
  • I would spend fewer weekends at work, and more at home.
  • I would spend more time alone with the one I love.
  • I would read more with my kids when they were young.
  • I would talk/listen to my parents more often.
  • I would watch less TV and fewer movies.
  • I would spend less on things, and more on experiences.
  • I would save more for travel; I would see more of this world.
  • I would start a foundation to educate the poor, or support such foundations.
  • I would write a diary of things I learnt.
  • I would learn languages, cooking, playing a flute, rock climbing…
  • I would stay in touch with more friends and more family members.
  • I would plan less, act more.
  • I would worry less, breathe more, pray more.
I realized that while I can’t go back in time, I can still make many of these changes today. I can’t change the past but I can change my today, and tomorrow. I have started on the list, and it feels great!
What would you like to do differently with your life?
[Photo of the Hunchbacks taken yesterday during the stage 4 of MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong]

12 thoughts on “If you could live your life again…

  1. you set me thinking ! More often than not we spend our time and energy on doing stuff that has not added value. But it is never too late to set priorities right.


  2. As always Mush, your reflections stand true, are thought provoking and inspiring. I did the same stock-taking a few years back and came up with more or less the same observations and began working on them. However, time n again I do lose track and must give myself reminders to regain focus. Life is worth the living and one ends up with less regrets if the people and relations become our priority. Thumbs up and keep sharing. 🙂


  3. As i was reading along there was only one thing going thru my head all along!!! Till i got to the bottom paragraph, and u said the exact same thing that i was thinking. Please look up this new documentary called “I AM”. Extremely inspirational, and worth watching.


  4. This makes me think more about my life sir. Great thoughts Mr.Mush.
    Wish you all the best to fulfill your wishes.


  5. Inspirational as always. However, I would say the experiences made through the choices we thought should be otherwise are priceless and made us stronger mentally and emotionally.


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