10 things I’ve learnt about happiness

A section from my ebook, ‘47 Tips for Enhancing Life‘. On happiness:

  1. If I am not happy here and now, I never will be.
  2. I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
  3. Happiness comes from gratefulness – noticing, acknowledging and enjoying – what I do have.
  4. One of the easiest ways to become happy is to make someone else happy.
  5. Living in the present makes me happier than living in the past or the future.
  6. I don’t have to smile after I am happy; smiling makes me happy. Similarly, laughing, singing and dancing makes us happy.
  7. Nature makes me happy – sunset, full moon, sea, mountains, trees, waterfalls, flowers…
  8. Happiness is contagious.
  9. Most of the unhappiness in the world is caused by situations – things that are beyond our control.
  10. Less stuff usually means more happiness.

You may download the free photo ebook from here.

[Photo taken recently around Phi Phi Island in Phuket]

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