How Do You Score on Your Time Management?

time to take a break

Answer these simple questions and find out:

  1. Do you usually have time for the essential stuff like reading/learning, exercising, socialising, relationships, holidays?
  2. Do you usually get things done on time – including getting to appointments on time, whether at home or at work?
  3. Do you usually have written goals and plans to achieve them?
  4. Are your tasks usually connected to your goals and plans?
  5. Do you usually have a written list of priorities for the month or the week?
  6. Do you usually differentiate easily between urgent and important? And spend more time on important stuff?
  7. Do you usually focus on one thing at a time, clearing away all distractions?
  8. Do you usually differentiate between efficiency and effectiveness – doing things right, and doing the right things?
  9. Do you usually get a lot of stuff done through delegation?
  10. Do you often say ‘no’ to things when your schedule is already full?

The more yeses you have, the greater is your time management, and the better your quality of life! And what if your time management isn’t so great? Firstly acknowledge. Then understand that it’s a skill that anyone can learn, like driving or cooking or languages. And like any other skill, you can learn time management from books, courses, workshops… as long as you start applying the principles that you learn. Time management is a skill that you live with, so you need to make the necessary changes to your habits and behaviours.

Get a better understanding of some tested and proven time management strategies, and some practical tips, at my upcoming class at General Assembly in Hong Kong on Tuesday 8th October. Registration and details here.

[Photo at Interlaken in China – a recent short holiday]

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