Mush Talks #1: Gratitude

During a recent review of my ‘dreams list’ I decided to fast-track a few items to ‘goals, plans and action’. One of them was to share my knowledge and experience about happiness, motivation and success through short videos. These video will be 5-10 minutes, focusing on one topic. It’s a non-commercial activity, just for the sake of contribution. To ensure I can do at least two per month, I am doing my own amateur recording and editing. Thank you for watching and sharing…

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12 thoughts on “Mush Talks #1: Gratitude

  1. Agree with Suraj Sajnani: ” Gratitude” is the single most imporntant attribute any living being should possess…You Chose the best topic to start the series… Best Wishes .. Let this too Gain, ” DinChak Success”!


  2. If you can add some hand movements, as you can talk with your hands very effectively 😃


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