Why I celebrate the day I got fired…

Mush Panjwani's Coffee WageraToday is the 5th Anniversary since I got fired from Time Life / Educational Technologies in 2013, after working with them for 16 years! I was very positive that day, and every year it becomes more obvious why that was one of the best things that could happen. Losing my job made it possible to:

  • Start my own training and consulting company, Dinchack – and positively influence the lives of 2000+ people through 50+ training sessions in 5 countries in the first year alone.
  • Join Learning Time as a Director Sales, Marketing & Training – and help develop and launch awesome early learning products in 18 countries in 3 years; travel to many new places and work with many more wonderful people.
  • Start a direct sales company, A Better Chance in Pakistan – and help make it one of the top three distributors of Learning Time in two years.

And I am thrilled to reveal my next venture, a coffee shop in Karachi! Coffee Wagera is scheduled to open on 1st April. More about this dream in the next blog post 🙂

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change. At such moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back…” ~Paolo Coelho

PS. Thanks to my family, friends, clients, everyone at Learning Time and A Better Chance for their tremendous support during these years, without whom none of the above was possible.

Back in publishing and direct sales!

Mush Panjwani at Learning Time

Another very exciting development in my life: I have just joined Learning Time as one of the partners! For three good reasons:

  • To fulfil the passion to train and inspire direct sales distributors, sales leaders and salespeople worldwide!
  • To achieve the dream of creating and marketing great early learning products beyond Asia Pacific!
  • To help direct sellers of early learning products sustain their business with modern products and world-class service!

What’s Learning Time?

  • A direct seller of early learning products for over 20 years!
  • One of the top five distributors of ETL Learning products, ever since I signed them up as a distributor over 10 years ago!
  • And now a publisher and licensor of high quality early learning products, with active presence in ten countries!
  • A company with a vision to be the biggest publisher and marketer of the best early learning products across Asia and Africa!

My role in the company will be sales, marketing and training: developing new markets, building sales leaders, training sales teams… helping parents raise happy and successful kids through our wonderful products and services! Exactly what I did in both my jobs for 27 years.

What about Dinchack? Dinchack was my first baby, and Learning Time is the second – with a seemingly inadequate gap between the two. My challenge is to give equal amounts of attention to both, and grow them both into successful businesses!

Losing the job at ETL Learning was surely one of the best things that ever happened to me! I have been blessed with huge support from family, friends and old colleagues, and wonderful opportunities coming my way. Life has got truly Dinchack!