The best ferry ride of my life… 30 minutes, 30 photos… colors of the sky…

I wasn’t sure about the best title for this post. So I wrote all three of them. I wasn’t even sure if this photo post belongs here where I only share tips on happiness, health, productivity, relationships and motivation. But I hope these photos inspire some reader somewhere to take a break from a busy day and enjoy the amazing beauty of nature, whether it be sunrise, sunset, water, hills, snow, leaves… whatever we usually take for granted.

I took this 30-minute ferry ride from Aberdeen (not too far from my place in Hong Kong) to Mo Tat Wan, a part of the Lamma Island. As you can tell, it looked quite grey and gloomy during the first few minutes. Then I got lucky! All of a sudden, as if someone started painting the sky in shades of oranges and reds. The color of the water also started to change simultaneously. It was just magical. I have taken this ride hundreds of times with family and friends, and watched many a spectacular sunsets, but there was something special about today. I was alone, and without any reading material or the iPhone. Just my Canon Ixus. See all the photos individually here.

What do you think?

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