A Better Runner

0906 runnerThe single most important piece of advice I’ve ever gotten on running came from my high school sports/fitness instructor. By running I don’t mean sprints, I’m referring to slightly longer distance runs – anything that takes you over half an hour. This is what he told me:

“Run the first part with your legs, the middle with your mind, and the final with your heart”.

So next time you go on a challenging run, split it into three parts. For the first part just use your legs, focus on the physical movement, the muscles, the blood flow, your feet hitting the floor. For the second part shift the hard work to the mind; affirmations, positive thoughts, visualizing the outcome, self talk. For the final part, run from the bottom of your heart. Pure, unadulterated passion and belief. Completely detaching yourself from the physical movement and complete ignorance of any pain or tiredness you may be feeling, with the awareness that the pain is only temporary and that there is not a force in the world that’s going to stand in your way of completing the run.

Before you know it you’ll be running distances you never thought you were ever capable of. The three part method. Works like a charm.

11 thoughts on “A Better Runner

  1. Great advice…will keep it in mind next time I am running. Normally I go for walks but with this great idea think will start running as of today :-)))


  2. Beautiful….Three part method. i always apply during my soccer game.. i m a team captain and my position is Last man had been applying this most of the time . Thanks for reminding!!!


  3. When I first read, ‘the three step method’ I thought OK this is not for me, I have no intentions of running.But there was so much wisdom in your tip.You see,the lane leading to my residence,though a small walk, is quite a steep climb.I have started using your tip while walking up ,and I now reach home with a big smile.Thank very much.


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