The Bonus Hour (Inspiration from Garuda Flight 343)!

Couple of days ago, at the end of a flight from Denpasar (Bali) to Surabaya, the pilot announced a one-hour time difference between the two cities. And while I was changing the time on my watch, I suddenly realized (for the first time, though I have done this many times) that I was going to live that one hour all over again! I was given a bonus hour! What was I going to do with that extra hour? Well the problem was, the rest of my day was already planned as per the local time 🙂

But for the rest of the afternoon, I was somehow more aware of every hour and of making the best of it. The soup at a roadside cafe tasted like the best soup I had ever had. The flowers at the hotel entrance looked more beautiful than ever. I was able to notice and admire the trees I could see from the lobby while in a business meeting. Everyone seemed a lot nicer. The whole world seemed to have slowed down a little bit. I’ve had an amazing couple of days, as I’ve been trying to live every moment, and I hope it lasts!

What would you do if you had an hour, or a day, to live all over again? Would you spend it at work – meetings and emails – or with a loved one? Would you do something for which you haven’t had the time, like calling or writing to someone, or reading that book…? (Please share through comments)

Why wait for a flight to a time zone behind us? Why not do it today? You know, you really do have that bonus hour, whenever you wish.

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9 thoughts on “The Bonus Hour (Inspiration from Garuda Flight 343)!

  1. after a 14 hour flight to SA, we “get back” eight hours but with the extreme jetlag, and the long journey(I cannot seem to sleep in a plane), I’m in no mood whatsoever to do anything invigorating. Good on you Mush for your zest for life!!!


  2. What would I do if you I an hour, or a day, to live all over again? I would want to relive that moment twenty one years ago when I was younger, impatient and had taken my parents unconditional love totally for granted. I remember Mummy pleading to me to have my lunch and not leave home on an empty stomach and I remember rebuffing her concern like any youngster, leaving home in a rush, not even bothering to look at her, tell her bye or that I loved her. It wasn’t on my priority list that day or should I say those days? I had so many other important things to do.

    I never got that chance again. When I returned home, both Mummy and Daddy had left forever.
    Indeed, I never wait for a time zone to give me an extra hour to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me. Will ask you not to wait too for sometimes that Bonus hour may never come.


  3. Dear Sangita

    I’m touched reading your comment.YES parents are so important in every ones life. I lost my father 2 years ago and I do have some repents ” I should have done this, I should have said that….” but I have the chance with my mom.

    Mush is such a lovely person he inspires us motivates us and gives food for thought by sharing simple but so valuable things with us. A little change in attitude a little good thought brings a BIG change in our life. Every moment is important God bless you Mush!!

    I love to communicate with my dear ones when I have time, its such a good feeling to hear them and see them on webcam. You never know which day is your last day, so why wait, absolutely correct.

    Best Wishes for ALL

    Parveen Rizvi


  4. Parveen, I couldnt agree more. Mush the man himself, his blogs, his thoughts, his orations are all directed towards spreading positivity. He reminds us not just about the importance of a healthy mind but a healthy body too. And believe me, we all need these CONSTANT reminders. In his own unique way he is like a modern messiah- if I may be allowed to use the word.

    Keep Spreading the Cheer Mush !!! Thank you.


  5. if i would have been given a chance to live an hour again, i would try not to repeat my mistakes which i made before, i ll spend those moments with my family, friends and loved ones… and will cherish each moment of it and will praise and thanx ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY for giving me so many things…..
    well manier times for doing all these things i don’t need any extra hour… i try to do such things on daily basis….
    thanx MUSH for ur small such great reminders ….
    u r a great inspiration, i must say AN ANGEL for the ones who need it 🙂
    may ALLAH bless u in both worlds(ameen)
    take care


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