Smaller the Better

Why do they keep only small size plates with food in most airline lounges? Do they expect people to eat less while traveling, or do they want them to eat less? I think the latter. There’s only so much you can fill up in a small plate; and there are only so many rounds you can make to the buffet tables. I think it’s an effective strategy. And I believe the concept could apply to many things in life…

A smaller apartment could encourage you to minimize your possessions. A smaller office could help you keep it clutter-free. A smaller bag could mean traveling light. A smaller wallet would have fewer essentials. A smaller fridge could help eat more fresh foods. What else can you add to the list?

Of course, not everything is better when smaller.

[Photo of my new half-size, two-pocket wallet :)]

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3 thoughts on “Smaller the Better

  1. A smaller waist would be ideal and healthier, too. With a smaller car/vehicle one could weave in and out and find a parking space easily. A smaller laptop is more handy also.


  2. This could apply to almost everything except a…SMILE!! We want those to be as wide as possible!!


    Poornima (DXB office)


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