What if?

What if…

  • we start being a little more grateful for everything we do have?
  • we complain a little less and compliment a little more?
  • we accept everything and everyone exactly as they are?
  • we wake up half an hour earlier every morning?
  • we read something positive and/or useful every night?
  • we focus on the most important tasks, instead of just the urgent ones?
  • we exercise just 10 minutes every day?
  • we replace just one unhealthy meal with a healthy one every day?
  • we add just one healthy snack to our daily diet?
  • we dedicate just one day of the week for our loved ones?
  • we tell them just once a day we love them?
  • we sometimes just listen without passing judgement or advice?

Each of these seemingly small actions have the potential to significantly improve our level of happiness, productivity, health and relationships… and improve the quality of our lives and the lives of people around us. Too difficult? Let’s start with just one of the above, just for this week!

“Just do it! First you make your habits, then your habits make you!” -Lucas Remmerswaal, The A-Z of 13 Habits

[A new day dawns over Shek’O in Hong Kong – courtesy Sara Mush]