Reflections from the World Refugee Day

Sara wrote this inspiring piece on her website a couple of days ago…

How many of us are aware that there are more than 6,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong at the moment? How many of us realize that even within HK there are still people suffering, people who are in limbo, who have no country to call their home, people whose lives’ are controlled not by them, but by government. Then there are those selfless people, who are blessed with goodness and purity, who within this ridiculous money-driven society are still willing to give their all – their efforts, their time and devote their lives to improving other people’s lives, without ever asking anything in return! But they are rewarded, with the gratefulness and the prayers of the lives they touch every single day with their passion and their commitment!

The World Refugee Day 2010, was organized by Christian Action Hong Kong’s only drop-in service centre for refugees and asylum seekers. It’s a place of love, laughter, healing and more than anything else… it’s a place of hope. Along with providing all the basic necessities of everyday lives – things that we so easily take for granted such as food, clothing and shelter, these people ensure that none of these refugees and asylum seekers ever feel alone. They provide them with something us humans need the most – love, care and affection.

Doing henna at the World Refugee Day really opened my eyes, just sitting there applying henna on the children and the women and seeing their entire faces light up from a small flower drawn on their hands… it really was a magical feeling. I realized what a small yet intimate act applying henna really is, as these people put their trust in me when they hold out their hand for me to draw on. There’s something so personal about it, that in the few minutes it takes for me to do the henna tattoo, I get to know this stranger sitting across from me, with their hand in mine and they can openly tell me about their life somehow knowing that I won’t be judging them. It really is a beautiful feeling…

The event was a wonderful mix of volunteers from all over Hong Kong. The event was sponsored by various organizations, but mostly organized and put into action by a devoted and passionate team of amazing individuals from Christian Action. I would like to thank these people for being my inspiration and for giving me the opportunity to work side by side with their clients and really understand that life is more than just hoping, praying and going after your own dreams… it’s about giving someone else the hope and courage to keep going and reach their dreams.

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