The first review of Dhinchak Life!

I was thrilled to see the first review of my book on a website. The following appeared on a site called ‘Bravo Your City’:

There exist inspirational books a plenty but when one, a spectacular one, is written by a Hong Kong author – it’s a moment of pride! This article is about such a book:

The newly released Dhinchak Life by Mush Panjwani raises the bar for all other inspirational books. The short yet insightful monograph takes you through a journey of how to achieve happiness, simple steps to maximize productivity, and the secrets of achieving great health and staying fit. Unlike the rather didactic approach that may brand other inspirational books, the author does not tell you what you shall do, but rather, what one can do to achieve their goals. Here’s a snippet of what I found to be the most valuable lesson in the book:

Problems vs. situations 

There are things you can change (problems) and there are things you can’t change (situations).
Most people seem to go through life fighting with, and agonizing over, things they can’t change e.g. weather, traffic, economy, their appearance, sickness, death, accidents.

On the other hand, focusing on things we can change, improves the quality of our lives. We can change our attitudes, health, fitness, quality of our relationships, spending habits, level of our knowledge and skills, and many other things in life.

Life is too short to try and change situations.

The beauty of the book is that you don’t have to pick it up and read it start to finish (notwithstanding the fact that it’s hard to put down!). Rather, with every page Mush starts a new story that inspires or at least leaves you thinking.  Pick up a copy of my new favourite, Hong Kong author’s first book here.

Read more about Dhinchak Life here.

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