Mush Panjwani just completed an extensive happiness training assignment at Pak Suzuki Motors!

Mush Panjwani training at Pak Suzuki Motors

I moved back to Pakistan at the end of 2017 with two dreams: Launch my coffee shop/chain** and introduce ‘happiness training’ for corporates and individuals. And I am so grateful that both are on track! So far, I have done ‘happiness training’ at Engro Energy, Pakistan State Oil, K-Electric and now at Pak Suzuki Motors, apart from the non-commercial talks at Karachi University, NED University, Dawood University and a few others.

The happiness training at Pak Suzuki Motors was part of an employee wellness program called ‘StayWell’ – designed by the HR/Training team of Suzuki in collaboration with Cube Consulting. The program was run at Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan during Sep-Nov 2019. We trained over 1500 employees in 25 batches of 20-40 participants each!

My contribution was towards the ’emotional wellness’ aspect which included:

  • Developments in positive psychology and why it matters so much
  • Why we should learn to become happier, and how that affects every area of our life
  • What contributes to happiness/unhappiness at work, and what can we do about it
  • Tool and tips to raise our happiness level at work, and in life

Here’s what some of the organizers had to say…

Mush Panjwani knows how to spread positivity. The objective of making people realize how happiness enhances productivity and wellbeing was not easy… but I am really grateful for this True Happiness Expert whose practical approaches with real life examples made it possible. Mush’s session really strengthened our Workplace Wellness drive and made this transformation journey successful. Keep Inspiring! ~Muhammad Noman Ayub, Team Lead -Training & Development

It was a life-changing experience with Mush Panjwani! The way he involved and engaged our employees, and provided insights and tips on happiness and positivity. As a result, our employees are trying to become a higher version of themselves and are more grateful in their lives. ~Sohaib Bhatti, Head of Training & Talent Acquisition

Click the play button to see some of the many exciting moments captured during or after the sessions…

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**More about Mush’s coffee chain at or Facebook/CoffeeWagera

Mush Panjwani speaking at Pakistan American Cultural Center


Absolutely loved the opportunity to speak to a group of students at PACC! We covered:

  • Two foundations to (entrepreneurial) success:
  • Happiness First – how our happiness affects productivity and everything else in life
  • The Four Steps – dream, goal, plan, action

The audience was extremely engaged and the feedback from the organizers was awesome…

Today’s guest speaker session at our English Works: The program by Mush Panjwani was amazingly awesome in terms of presenting practical life changing tips to the audience. Throughout his talk he created the aura of influence; the anecdotes from his life and humor kept the audience mesmerised! ~Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Evolution

A very energetic and full of learning session was conducted by Mr Mush Panjwani, who shared his amazing journey of life, with the lessons he learned and designed a wonderful foundation program. It was a session full of happiness. It will make a positive change in others life! ~Ehtesham, PACC

Mush Panjwani speaking at Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan

Mush Panjwani at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology

There’s something special about talking to the youth – their open minds, their energy and their level of ambition to do great things!

Some of the students of Dawood University of Engineering & Technology had heard me at a recent conference in NED University, and decided to organize the same talk at their own university. And that happened today! They had done a great job of promoting the event, so we had about 500 students in the auditorium, giving up on their lunch break (1-2pm) to listen to me. So honored and grateful!

I spoke about happiness as the foundation for all success and the four steps to achieve anything! And came away very excited about the impact this may have on their lives.

Looking forward to more opportunities to work with the youth and other universities!

First full-day public workshop on “Happiness at Work” in Pakistan by Mush Panjwani


I had put all my training work on hold while focusing on Coffee Wagera since the opening in April this year. Coffee Wagera is indeed very exciting and engaging, but I miss my training work. So I have reached out to a few training companies and corporate contacts for opportunities to contribute with my ‘Happiness at Work’ training programs in Pakistan.

Dellsoft, a new division of Dellsons, organized the first full-day public workshop at Movenpick Hotel Karachi on 5th September. We had about 25 participants from five different banks and other corporates. We covered:

  • The latest in positive psychology – the science of happiness
  • Effects of positivity on all areas of life
  • Job satisfaction vs. happiness at work
  • How happiness at work enhances productivity and profits
  • The two essentials of happiness at work
  • Common causes and results of unhappiness at work
  • How to create happier workplace, at organizational and individual levels
  • Work session: key ideas and action steps for immediate implementation

Some of the feedback from participants:

One of the best training sessions ever…

Amazing topic and great energy!

Extremely relevant, effective and lots of fun!

The promotional flyer can be downloaded here.

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Sales/Motivational Training for Ferd Ventures in Davao, by Mush Panjwani

Mush Panjwani training in Davao

Ferd Ventures is one of the non-exclusive distributors for Learning Time in Philippines. And they had organized a 2-day training for the entire sales team from Davao, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro. We covered:

  • Positivity and happiness as the foundation for success
  • The four steps to achieve anything: dream, goal, plan, action
  • 13-step sales process, from prospecting and appointment to closing the order
  • Roleplaying of the ‘awareness’ and ‘product presentation’

Mush is not just a trainer, but a life coach! The 2-day Training Program was an eye-opener for the sales team. Mush taught us a very important life lesson… that despite all of life’s challenges, we still have a lot to be grateful for.. and that is one of the keys towards happiness and success.

We admire his training methodology which is simple, practical and very effective. His attitude and body language is his distinguishing characteristic.

~Ferdie Mangubat Jr., CEO

The other highlights of the trip were Filipino hospitality, with lots of good food, desserts and coffees 🙂

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