10 simple facts about health

Excerpt from my ebook, 47 Tips for Enhancing Life, on health:

  1. Our health is up to us; healthy living is common sense, not rocket science.
  2. Happy people are healthier than unhappy people. Negative emotions cause disease.
  3. Strong relationships and love contribute to good health.
  4. Managing stress is an essential part of staying healthy.
  5. More meals with smaller portions are better than fewer bigger meals.
  6. Natural food is healthy; processed food is not.
  7. Brown – bread, rice, sugar – is healthy; white is not.
  8. Water, green tea, juices are healthy; coffee, hot chocolate, carbonated drinks are not.
  9. Movement and exercise are essential. Gym is not essential.
  10. Choose exercise that’s fun: walking, cycling, swimming, dancing…

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[Photo from Mongkok Market, Hong Kong]