35 Steps to an Enhanced Life

We all want more happiness, better health, increased productivity and improved relationships. We want to be able to motivate ourselves to do the things we know we should do to enhance our lives. I try to help myself and others to achieve all that through this blog.

Here’s a collection of posts from the last couple of years that I consider to be the best, considering the popularity and comments from the readers. Most articles are short, and take only a few minutes to read. Please let me know through your comments if this collection could form a useful ebook…






Please take a few minutes to tell me about your most favorite articles, through comments below. Thanks.

[Photo of Kuk Po hike near Tai Po in Hong Kong, taken last week]

12 thoughts on “35 Steps to an Enhanced Life

  1. I think not only can this become a useful ebook, but also a wonderful printed book. I am thinking beautiful typography and relevant pictures for each page.
    Additionally you can offer a 5 page ebook preview for every person who signs up for advance booking for your printed book. I strongly suggest that you should go for it. I am your first Book customer.Already.


  2. Hi Mush

    What I like more than your articles, are the beautiful photographs. This one from Hong Kong taken last week is amazing. I spend far too much time on the computer already so I’d prefer a printed version, like a little coffee table book. The format that I’d be interested in would be one page print and one inspiring photo. This format will help to wind down and really savour the “pearls of wisdom” as well as the serenity and the tranquility that’s captured in the photos. I often look for these type of books to give as gifts as they can be a collector’s item which they can refer to again and again. Great initiative.


  3. This is an excellent idea to post these useful articles but if you print this useful e-book,
    I will be your customer as well,Mush


  4. Yes..I liked this site very useful….
    it is full of tips and useful information…
    and I will recommend to my friends…..
    who want to improve thier lives…..
    thank you very much for suc a nice hub of knowledge….

    warmest regards..
    moon ahmed


  5. Ebook, an actual book and an audio book…posts on your blog promise to enrich the lives of people in many ways. Go for it.
    Q. If the same posts are available on your blog, why would someone pay and purchase an ebook? Besides the format change, I would suggest that the ebook should have something that your blog does not.
    Wish you luck.


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